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Sugar streaming VF

2022/   Canada, Mexique / 1h 41min

Réalisé par: Vic Sarin

Avec: Katherine McNamara, Jasmine Sky Sarin, Eric Bruneau

Langues: Français
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Sugar, directed by Vic Sarin, is a film that tells the story of a young Dominican baseball player named Miguel "Sugar" Santos. After showcasing his talent in his home country, Sugar is signed by a minor league baseball team in the United States. As Sugar navigates the challenges of life in a new country, he must also face the pressures and expectations that come with being a rising star in the world of professional baseball. Amidst the highs and lows of his journey, Sugar is forced to confront his own identity and dreams for the future. The film explores themes of cultural identity, ambition, and the sacrifices one must make in pursuit of their aspirations.