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Rendez-vous avec Pol Pot (2024)

Rendez-vous avec Pol Pot (2024) streaming

Rendez-vous avec Pol Pot streaming VF

2024/   France, Cambodge / 1h 52min

Réalisé par: Rithy Panh

Avec: Irène Jacob, Grégoire Colin, Cyril Gueï

Langues: Français
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Rithy Panh's film "Rendez-vous avec Pol Pot" follows the filmmaker as he embarks on a journey to meet with one of the most infamous figures in Cambodian history, Pol Pot. Through interviews and personal reflections, the film explores the legacy of Pol Pot and his brutal regime, shedding light on the atrocities committed during the Khmer Rouge era. As Panh delves deeper into the past, he grapples with the lingering trauma and scars left by the regime, ultimately offering a poignant and haunting look at the impact of genocide on a nation and its people.