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Dark Market (2024)

Dark Market (2024) streaming

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2023/   Corée du Sud / 1h 41min

Réalisé par: Hee-kon Park

Avec: Hye-Sun Shin, Kim Sung-Kyun, Tae-oh Kang

Langues: Français
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Dark Market is a crime thriller film directed by Hye-Sun Shin, Kim Sung-Kyun, and Tae-oh Kang. The movie follows a group of skilled hackers who operate in the dark web, selling illegal goods and services to the highest bidders. When a new member joins their group, tensions rise as they begin to suspect each other of betrayal. As the authorities close in on them, the group must navigate treacherous waters to survive and escape the grasp of the law. Dark Market is a high-paced and intense film that explores the dark and dangerous world of cybercrime.