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Shayda (2024)

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2023/   Australie / 1h 57min

Réalisé par: Noora Niasari

Avec: Leah Purcell, Zar Amir Ebrahimi, Lucinda Armstrong Hall

Langues: Français
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Shayda is a film directed by Noora Niasari that follows the story of a young Iranian woman named Shayda who is trying to navigate her way through a burgeoning romance in the midst of family and societal expectations. As she starts a relationship with a young man named Pavel, Shayda must confront the complexities of her cultural background and decide whether to pursue her own desires or conform to the expectations placed upon her. The film explores themes of identity, love, family, and self-discovery as Shayda grapples with the choices she must make to find happiness and fulfillment in her life.